Bye Bra adhesive breast lifts, invisible bra.

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The Bye Bra sticky breast lift with silk nipple covers is an easy remedy to rapidly and also efficiently enhance the female breast without the demand for surgical procedure or even a bra! The sticky breast lifts raise the busts from the top. The sticky breast lifts could also be utilized to make corrections for circumstances, if a female has 2 various breast forms or dimensions, or nipple heights.

Product Features

The Bye Bra adhesive breast lift with silk nipple covers is a simple solution to quickly and effectively enhance the female breast without the need for surgery or even a bra! The adhesive breast lifts lift the breasts from the top. Therefore Bye Bra is the perfect solution for a strapless dress, a backless dress, V-necked or plunged dresses. The Bye Bra can also be worn under a bikini. A real Bye Bra always has a special reflective sticker with a unique serial code on the front of the packaging Bye Bra is Europe's leader in adhesive breast lift tape, made in The Netherlands. The adhesive breast lifts are made of a very thin and flexible self-adhesive foil which is produced by 3M and shaped like a horseshoe, with which it is possible to position the nipples upwards by several centimetres. The adhesive breast lifts can also be used to make corrections for instance, if a woman has two different breast shapes or sizes, or nipple heights. See range through Amazon Seller: Octave Collection The unique 3M quality tape, which is used in hospitals is entirely safe, and creates a perfect lift. The Bye Bra can lift the breasts simply and effectively. Better still, it is not only the breasts which are uplifted - it also significantly raises the self-esteem and mood of the wearer. Not only does it give you the confident feeling of a more attractive appearance; it also allows you to wear clothes which would otherwise be consigned to staying in the wardrobe Bye Bra adhesive breast lift cup A-C also solidifies breasts slightly. While they still remain free to move under the textiles, the Bye Bra will contain any excessive natural movement of the breasts. The Bye Bra is available in three sizes: cups A-C, D-F and F-H. The A-C variant contains four pairs of breast lifts and four pair of nipple covers. The Bye Bra D-F contains three pairs of breast lifts and three pairs of nipple covers like the F-H Silicone Nipple Covers versus Silk Nipple Covers? Every breast is different. Small nipples, big nipples, small areola, big arola, etcetera. The silk nipple covers are lighter, smaller (6cm) and not reusable. The glue and material is for one time use. That makes them less visible in for example satin dresses where the larger silicone nipple cover might be more visible. However if you have big nipples we advise you to use the silicone nipple covers. Please search for OCWU1018 for Silicone option

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